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Перед новым годом пришли из Японии полотенца с котиками

теперь ищу себе кимоно. Или что-то "как кимоно"

Japanese antique kimono   Junihitoe - 12 single-layered kimonos worn by the court ladies of the Heian era.  I've never worn it, but I'd like to try one day!

Tomesode and obi - the nape of a woman's neck is considered very sensual and beautiful in the Japanese culture. Kimonos are designed to draw attention to the neck with upswept hair. Antique furisode

Очень красивая одежда пожарников (fireman coat)

Japanese Antique Textile Tsutsugaki Fireman's Coat Japanese Fireman's Coat with Hawk  Waves A firefighter’s coat from the 19th century, Japan, based on a print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, coming to the Met’s kimono survey.Credit, John C. Weber Collection Commoner's firefighting jacket. SAAM, Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington, America // photo by Ruby Nekk Fireman's Coat, late 19th century. Leather, 49 1/4 x 53 1/2 in. Brooklyn Museum Collection

Tokyo Firefighters 1905    This French postcard is dated 1905, but the image may be a lot earlier than that as Tokyo changed its name from Yedo in 1868 and their banner indicates that they are the Yedo Fire Brigade. The text in the bottom left-hand corner roughly translates as follows:    “No. 19 Fire fighters – the fire fighters are recruited to the payroll by the blaze. They are clothed with specialised cotton garments, which they douse with water in a timely manner on the way to the fire.


Fireman's Helmet (Kajikabuto) for a Daimyo  Date: 18th century Culture: Japanese Medium: Gilt copper, leather, felt, silk, and lacquer Kaji-kabuto - Fireman's helmet with protruding rivets, End of Edo period (1603~1868), Japan Samurai wearing a fire costume consisting of a kaji kabuto with shikoro and muneate.

Япония в планах. Не знаю, когда.
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